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3 reasons why you should buy a chemical ...

Chemical store

A dedicated chemical storage facility is essential for any farming business, no matter what the type of farming practiced – including arable, pastoral or mixed – or how big the farm. We supply made-for-purpose chemical storage containers to farms all across the country, all of which need to fulfill the same purpose: to store chemicals […]

Why you shouldn’t use a standard contain

Why you shouldn’t use a standard container as chemical storage

If you are storing pesticides for use on your farm, it is essential that you obtain adequate storage in order to become compliant with the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) guidelines. You may have thought about using a standard shipping container as a solution; however, there are many reasons why this is not an appropriate […]

Plant Protection Products Storage

Plant protection products are known as Pesticides, Biocides, and Insecticides. Storage of Plant protection products has a code of practice laid out by the HSE. The HSE take this matter very seriously. This code of practice is to protect the users of the stores, the land and water sources from contamination and unlawful access. Land […]

Land Contamination

Bunded store

Land contamination, can have a huge effect on the environment and wildlife and can even threaten human and animal life. Causes by various sources can be a big worry to the Farmer or Land owner. Products such as farm chemicals and pesticides can be one of the reasons for land or water contamination. The local […]

Chemical stores for Schools, Colleges &

10ft Chemical storage container

Schools require chemical stores Schools, colleges and universities are using converted shipping containers for chemical storage in the UK. It is the perfect way to store all your chemicals securely. Although these chemical stores are converted for the farming community they can also be used for schools, colleges or universities. Here is the Guidance on storing […]

Organisation of a Chemical store

Part 3 – Chemical store organisation The HSE, has laid out a specification on how to store pesticides in a responsible way. This section, focuses on ‘Organisation‘ Quote:  Mark the exterior of the store (and where it is located within a larger building, the exterior of the building) with the general danger warning sign (see below) Unquote: […]

Fixed Pesticide Storage

10ft Chemical storage container

Part 1 (Storage) – Guidance to Fixed Pesticide storage on the Farm & other professional users. The Health and Safety Executive, has laid out a specification on how to store pesticides in a responsible way. This section, focuses on ‘Fixed Pesticide Storage‘ The Size: The HSE say Quote: The store must be large enough to hold […]

Chemical Storage Flooring

Chemical Storage Flooring

We offer 2 types of flooring for chemical storage containers: A shipping container floor is fitted most of the time with 28mm marine treated ply wood. This is not acceptable with a chemical store container. So when we manufacture a chemical storage container, we replace or overlay with a steel flooring. Here are the 2 […]