The Health and safety executive (HSE) are a UK governing body that offers advice, regulations and procedures to keep your workplace safe.

In this particular case, the importance of HSE recommendations is to prioritise safety and compliance in storing chemicals and pesticides on your premises.

The HSE role is to regulate hazardous substances such as pesticides and chemicals that ensures these products are stored safely and securely and keeping your staff, the public and environment safe at all times.

Understanding Bunded Chemical & Pesticide Stores 

Definition and Function

Bunded stores are stores that are fitted with a self contained area for any spillages. Chemical spillages can cause huge amounts of pollution and subsequently can generate huge fines and possible injury or loss of life.

Legal Requirements

Storing chemicals or pesticides incorrectly can cause huge problems to the environment, human life and wildlife. 

Many national organisations are able to prosecute for creating pollution to the natural world.

The HSE have employed a number of inspectors to visit farms and other organisations that store chemicals and pesticide and police the situation. Heavy fines can be issued. Here is more information about the inspectors that have been employed.

Why Choose HSE-Recommended Bunded Stores?

Safety Assurance

The HSE standard is to be adhered to, it offers security for your staff, the public and environment. Please see their specification for Chemical storage.

Compliance Benefits

By using the HSE criteria, you will be immune to prosecution and keep our environment safe for us and the wildlife.

Please be vigilant and ensure your chemicals and pesticides are safely and securely stored.

Features of our Bunded Stores

Durability and Security

Our shipping containers that have been converted into a secure bunded chemical store:

The highlights of these stores are as follows:

  1. Robust Steel lockable 10ft or 20ft shipping containers
  2. 6in or 12in high steel bunded floors
  3. Lockbox which is a housing for a padlock, where you cannot gain access with bolt croppers
  4. We offer a hardened steel padlock with 3 keys
  5. The whole interior is steel, offering fire resistance for 30 mins or longer. 
  6. The interior is painted a white/grey offering plenty of light. 
  7. Plenty of ventilation to allow any fumes to release
  8. Steel shelving

Customization Options

In addition to our comprehensive range of bunded chemical and pesticide stores, we understand that HSE require that the units must be frost proof. While we specialise in delivering top-tier storage solutions, we recognize that some may seek additional features or accessories. While we do not directly offer these extras, we are more than happy to provide guidance and recommendations to help you find the best options to complement your requirements. 

Choosing the Right Store for Your Needs

Assessing Requirements

It is crucial that you purchase a chemical store that has sufficient space for your needs. 

You can find a table showing the cubic capacity of the bunds we offer.

We offer the following:

  1. Second hand 10ft or 20ft shipping containers converted into a chemical or pesticide store
  2. New (one trip) 10ft or 20ft shipping containers converted into a chemical or pesticide store
  3. All units are fitted with 3 x steel shelves along 1 x long side of the container
  4. They come fitted with a lockbox that is a housing for a padlock.
  5. All flooring is bunded with a steel checkerplate tray or a steel raised mesh floor.

Consultation and Support

We are here to assist you with your chemical storage requirements.

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We cannot emphasise enough the critical role of bunded stores in ensuring safety, compliance, and peace of mind.

It’s time to either upgrade or invest in a chemical store that will tick all the boxes and keep everyone and the environment safe.

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