We offer 2 types of flooring for chemical storage containers:

A shipping container floor is fitted most of the time with 28mm marine treated ply wood. This is not acceptable with a chemical store container. So when we manufacture a chemical storage container, we replace or overlay with a steel flooring. Here are the 2 options of chemical storage floor available to you, when choosing a chemical storage container.

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1. Raised Mesh floor with 3mm (16 gauge) steel placed between steel crossmembers making a sub-floor. 1 part of the mesh flooring is removable. Any spillage can be hosed out and drained through a drainage sump. The bund size varies depending on the quantity of liquid and size of container you choose.

See photos below.

Steel raised mesh bunded flooring for chemical storage container

Steel mesh bunded floor

Drainage hole in steel sub flooring in a chemical storage container

Drainage hole in steel sub floor

Drainage Sump in a chemical storage container

Drainage Sump

2. The steel checkerplate floor. All shipping containers are fitted with 28mm marine treated plywood floors. As chemical storage containers must not have any exposed wood, we overlay the wooden flooring with a 3mm steel checkerplate flooring and fit a steel bund. The height of the bund varies depending on the quantities of liquid and the size of shipping container.

Chemical store fitted with steel checkerplate flooring and steel bund

Chemical store fitted with steel checkerplate flooring and steel bund

Bund cubic capacity Examples for Chemical stores:

Length (ft) Length (m) Width (m) Bund Height (m) Cubic Litres
10’ (6’ bund) 2.84 2.33 0.1524 1008
20’ (6’ bund) 5.89 2.33 0.1524 2091
20’(12’ bund) 5.89 2.33 0.3048 4183

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