Hi Ab Delivery and Offload

We use Hi ab vehicles for the delivery and offloading of the chemical storage containers to your farm, school, university, hospital, council or manufacturing site . Hi ab vehicles are HGVs fitted with a crane for the purpose of offloading. We rely on you to tell us of any hazards and buildings etc. at your site. We cover England & Wales.

Here are a few tips for you to take into account before taking delivery of your chemical storage container.

  1. The chemical storage container delivery will include an offload parallel to the side of the vehicle; therefore the width of the vehicle with offloaded container will be approx. 25ft. (We do occasionally offload to the rear, this is subject to availability)
  2. We deliver a 10ft or 20ft chemical storage unit to your site using a 40ft Long x 9ft wide rigid vehicle fitted with a crane.
  3. In an ideal world your site must be level and have hard standing access. (Our vehicles don’t normally drive over fields, grass, muddy areas or uneven ground) Please ensure your site is not in a flood risk area.
  4. If you require us to offload container(s) whilst being on a public highway, then you will need to obtain a permit from your local highways dept., prior to delivery. Our drivers will need to see the permit prior to offload.
  5. We will need to be told if you have any of the following obstacles:
  • Underground cables
  • Manhole covers/drains
  • Overhead cables e.g. height of cables and advice of whether they are electrical or other cables.
  • HSE stipulates that we must have a clearance of 18m from the top of the crane height which equates to 28m from the ground. This is applicable to any angles away from the cables
  • Overhanging trees e.g. height of branches
  • The chemical storage container will need to be lifted over other containers, fences, walls, buildings and any other obstacle.
  • The chemical storage container will need to go inside a building.
  • The chemical storage container will need to be double stacked.
Our drivers will ask you to sign a delivery note which will confirm that you are happy with delivery, offloading, that the doors operate correctly and the padlock works (if supplied) and there are no problems with the equipment. If you have any problems or comments you wish to make, please advise us immediately and  also note them on the delivery note.
If you have any questions, then please do call us on T: 01473 557409