Understanding Second hand Chemical storage containers

When we say ‘second hand chemical stores’, what we mean is a second hand shipping container, that has been used for shipping. Then we convert it into a chemical store. 

The container itself is around 12-15 years old (it has had a shipping life) and has dents and scratches, but the containers are watertight and structurally sound. All the extra parts are new.

We always repaint the exterior and the interior of the second hand container as part of the quote.

When buying a second hand chemical storage container, you are recycling a container and extending it’s lifespan by using it as another facility. 

Second hand containers are cost effective and increase sustainability and look after the environment.

Assessing signs of wear and tear

Second hand containers can have surface rust on them and in order for us to extend the life of the container we repaint the exterior and the interior. This helps to preserve the integrity of the container.  However, with the second hand containers, they are often dented, as they have been handled and moved all over the world. 

When we repaint the containers, the dents may well be more obvious than without a repaint.

Again these units are watertight and structurally sound.

Scratches to the exterior can often occur after repaints, as when the depot lift the container onto the vehicle with a telehandler, the cornerposts can get scratched. 

When the container is delivered, the hi ab operator has to fit chains to the container in order to lift the container into position. Chains can scratch some parts of the exterior during this process.

We know that perhaps this isn’t what you want, but these issues are out of our control, so we send out a small pot of exterior paint colour so that you can touch up the scratched areas, when the container has arrived on site.


We always try to supply the best quality second hand container for our customers. However, these containers are second hand and have had at least 12-15 years of shipping life, on and off the high seas etc. 

If you want a tidier unit, then we can highly recommend a new (one trip from China) container instead.

We always aim to ensure your experience with us will be the best that we can make it. 

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