Did you know that improper storage of harmful chemicals can lead to hefty fines? 😱 Keep your business safe, compliant, and penalty-free! 🛡️💰

We’re here to share a few simple steps to help you achieve this:

1️⃣Label all your containers accurately: Using unambiguous, internationally recognised symbols is key. 🏷️🧪

2️⃣Use safety storage cabinets: They can effectively prevent accidental spillage and limit exposure during a fire. 🗄️🔥

3️⃣Proper disposal: Don’t just pour chemicals down the drain! Reach out to certified waste management companies for assistance. 🚮♻️

4️⃣Train your team: Education on correct handling and emergency procedures is essential. 💼👥

See our container options here.

Remember, being aware of how to properly store harmful chemicals is not just a legal obligation – it’s a demand for a safer, healthier workspace and protect the environment!

Let’s make business a safer place.✨🌎

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