Part 1 (Storage) – Guidance to Fixed Pesticide storage on the Farm & other professional users.

The Health and Safety Executive, has laid out a specification on how to store pesticides in a responsible way.

This section, focuses on ‘Fixed Pesticide Storage

The Size:

The HSE say

  1. Quote: The store must be large enough to hold pesticides, any part-used containers, and able to cope with stock being held over due to poor weather. Unquote:

We offer a watertight and structurally sound steel shipping container. They are either 10ft long by 8ft wide and 8ft 6in high or 20ft by 8ft wide and 8ft 6in high (these measurements are external). In order to meet with HSE our pesticide storage containers are fitted with a steel bund and completely steel internally. 

2.  Quote: Estimate the likely total of stocks to be held at any one time. You must include pesticides such as slug pellets, rodentcides and wood worm treatment products. Unquote:

Our pesticide storage containers are fitted with steel bunds. For the 10ft unit the bund is 6in high (bund capacity approx. 1000 cubic litres) and for the 20ft we fit a 12in high bund (capacity approx. 4100 cubic litres). The customer would have to advise us if this bund size is not suitable, so we can adjust our quotation accordingly.

3. Quote: Check if you need to make additional provision for storing any of the special classes of pesticides e.g. Moisture-activated gassing compounds, pesticides marked ‘Oxidising agent’ such as sodium chlorate. Unquote:

We fit air vents to our chemical stores, however, we would need to be guided by what your requirements are. We do not profess to know about every specific chemical that you are likely to store.

4. Quote: Consider the need to store other potentially harmful chemicals and allow for likely amounts. Unquote:

Again we would be guided by your requirements.

5. Quote: Provide adequate storage for rinsed empty containers awaiting disposal. Unquote:

The whole interior of the pesticide storage container is steel and we fit steel shelves for your convenience. So if you purchase the right size unit e.g. 10ft,

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