Schools require chemical stores

Schools, colleges and universities are using converted shipping containers for chemical storage in the UK. It is the perfect way to store all your chemicals securely.

Chemical storage container with shelving

Although these chemical stores are converted for the farming community they can also be used for schools, colleges or universities. Here is the Guidance on storing pesticides for farmers and other professional users specification.

Many places of education have grounds to care for and a science block or department, where chemicals are being used on a daily basis. Securing chemicals is paramount, especially when these sites are often un-manned. We know that chemicals can be extremely expensive, so what better way to secure them, by using a chemical store made out of a shipping container. A perfect solution, they are robust, lockable and a secure way of storing your valuable chemicals.

Our Service for schools

Chemical storage 4 farmers supplies new and used 10ft and 20ft chemical stores converted from shipping containers on a sale basis, with delivery to your door. The chemical storage containers are robust and lockable and can be left on unattended sites. The chemical stores are constructed from Cor-ten steel (high tensile steel) and are water-tight. They are also fitted with a locking system (lock box (housing for padlock) & padlock) to give extra security and peace of mind from theft. The padlock is made from hardened steel and comes with 3 numbered keys and we operate a replacement key service.  Why not read our Reviews to see how we provide a good service.

Second hand or New

Our new chemical stores come in green so they blend in with their surroundings. If you require a blue exterior then this is also available. All our second hand containers are repainted green or blue internally and externally.

school chemical store

Blue chemical store


We also fit 3 x fully lipped steel shelving, which helps with the organisation and extra ventilation. The floors are also bunded, which means that if there is any spillage, it won’t seep out of the doors and contaminate the ground.

Schools, colleges or universites can buy these chemical stores from Jane or Matt on this telephone number: T: 0800 121 7388

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