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Featuring in Farmers Guide

We are featured in Farmers Guide (page 8) this month, why not have a read here. ����📈 **Trending Now in Agrochemicals: Safety, Compliance, and Your Bottom Line** 📉🚜 The landscape of farm chemical stores is rapidly changing, #AgrochemicalsIndustry! With increased regulatory scrutiny, the latest trends show a pivot towards greater safety protocols and compliant storage solutions […]

Chemical store for a Civil Engineering f...

Chemical store for a Civil Engineering firm

We were approached to supply a slightly different Chemical storage container for a company based in the Midlands. They were looking for a 20ft shipping container to be converted into a bunded store for their chemical storage. (See below for the photos of the unit) Clare assisted the customer with their requirements and James manufactured […]

How to avoid hefty fines!

How to avoid hefty fines!

ATTENTION ALL BUSINESS OWNERS⚠️🚨 Did you know that improper storage of harmful chemicals can lead to hefty fines? 😱 Keep your business safe, compliant, and penalty-free! 🛡️💰 We’re here to share a few simple steps to help you achieve this: 1️⃣Label all your containers accurately: Using unambiguous, internationally recognised symbols is key. 🏷️🧪 2️⃣Use safety […]

Bund sizes

Ever wondered what our bund sizes are in our shipping container conversion? Bund cubic capacity for Chemical stores: Length (ft) Length (m) Width (m) Bund Height (m) Cubic Litres 10’ (6’ bund) 2.84 2.33 0.1524 1008 20’ (6’ bund) 5.89 2.33 0.1524 2091 20’(12’ bund) 5.89 2.33 0.3048 4183 Please note that the bund size can […]

Problems with safe storage of chemical p...

10ft Chemical storage container

Many seemingly innocuous household cleaners and gardening products are harmful, either poisonous or corrosive. Acid based drain cleaners have been withdrawn from consumer sale but have been replaced with alkali ones which are safer but still very unpleasant if they come into contact with unprotected skin. Pest control poisons and insecticides are potentially harmful if […]

How to easily avoid polluting watercours...

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Due to the nature of farming practices, agricultural land is often well-drained, meaning that water from precipitation and irrigation can easily leak out of the soil structure and be transported into watercourses. This means that, if the water contains pesticides, it can contaminate groundwater and freshwater supplies over a large area. In agriculture, the term […]

LAMMA 2020

We will be with Billie Box at Lamma 2020 We are pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at Lamma on the 7th and 8th January 2020.  Billie Box and Chemical storage 4 farmers have been a part of Lamma for a few years and are pleased to be a part of the show […]

Facts about Storing & Using Chemicals

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Chemical Storage for Farmers – the simple guide Getting the facts on correctly and legally storing chemicals on your farm can be a confusing and frustrating exercise.  Some information sources offering conflicting advice and Government guidelines can lack the clarity we need to make important decisions about storing and using chemicals on farms. We have […]

Chemical stores for golf clubs

10ft Chemical storage container

Storing chemicals legally and safely at a golf club can be a real challenge for a groundskeeper. There are a myriad of obstacles to overcome; however, adequate chemical storage is required by law, and so it becomes another responsibility the already burdened groundskeeper must take on. Obstacles range from finding the right place to store […]

Lamma 2019 – we’ll be indoors!

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We are pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at LAMMA again this year.  LAMMA is a great opportunity to show our products to the Farming community and discuss how we can best meet the needs of farmers. LAMMA has moved from the East of England Showground to Birmingham NEC for 2019. Although this […]