Accessories are available for the Chemical storage containers

Lock box or Lock cowl fitted to the double doors. The lock box is a shrouded area for a padlock, where you can not get bolt croppers in to access the padlock unlawfully.
Padlocks are available with 3 numbered keys. Our padlocks are hardened steel.

We often offer steel shelving, welded to the inside of the chemical storage container, as standard.

These accessories, are recommended in order to utilise the chemical storage container in the correct manner.

The lock box is always fitted as part of the specification. We recommend a hardened steel padlock with 3 numbered keys with the container. See above video on how the locking mechanism works.

The steel shelving is normally fitted as part of our specification and we ensure the shelves are fitted with a lip to stop any products falling or rolling off. You don’t have to have the lip on the shelving, because we know some users like to slide a box onto the shelf. Please let us know what you need.

Shelving example above

For more information about accessories, please call us on 01473 557409. Email: