Part 3 – Chemical store organisation

The HSE, has laid out a specification on how to store pesticides in a responsible way.

This section, focuses on ‘Organisation

  1. Quote:  Mark the exterior of the store (and where it is located within a larger building, the exterior of the building) with the general danger warning sign (see below) Unquote:

Chemical storage container warning sign

We always affix the below sign on doors of our chemical storage containers.


2. Quote: Put ‘No smoking’ or ‘Smoking and Naked flames forbidden’ prohibitory signs (see below) Unquote:

sign_no_smoking_116583 prohibition-flame-2

This is the customer’s responsibility.

3. Quote: Provide adequate shelving so that products can be seen by staff. Unquote:

We fit steel shelving that has a lip fitted, to avoid any bottles falling over and leaking. Our shelves are 1 foot deep and 3 in number. We usually fit the shelving on 1 x 10ft length or 1 x 20ft length. Some clients opt for shelving opposite the double doors on the 8ft end. This helps with organisation of your chemicals.

4. Quote: Store powders above liquids (liquids can leak if containers are damaged) Unquote:

This is the customer’s responsibility.

5. Quote: Provide adequate lighting so that you can read the labels. Unquote:

All our containers are repainted internally an off white, resulting in a bright interior. If you require electrics fitted, we recommend you contact your local electrician.

6. Quote: Protect stocks against frost – oil or gas heaters or electrical equipment with exposed elements are not suitable Unquote:

Whilst we fit extra air vents to keep the air flowing, we do not offer electrical equipment. The cost can be very expensive. We recommend the customer speaks to a local electrician who can advise the type of conduit and electrics that are suitable for a chemical store. The wiring and conduit has to be compatible with the chemicals you are storing.

7. Quote: Avoid storing plastic containers in direct sunlight – shade windows if necessary. Unquote:

There are no windows fitted to our containers. When the container doors are closed the container is completely dark.

8. Quote: If pallets are used to keep stocks off the floor, make sure they don’t present a tripping hazard and that the bunding capacity remains adequate. Unquote:

Our containers are fitted with 2 sorts of floor e.g. Steel checkerplate tray or steel raised mesh floor. The bunds fitted are usually 6in high for a 10ft and 12in high for a 20ft, although sometimes we fit a 6in high bund in a 20ft unit. The client is the only one that knows how much chemical they are storing at any one time. So therefore the client must advise if these heights are not suitable for their requirements. We can fit a higher or lower bund, depending on what our client requires. We also do not know if pallet trucks are being used to load these containers, so the client must tell us if the floor needs to hold a specific weight.

9. Quote: Lag water pipes. Unquote:

None of our containers have any water pipes fitted.

10. Quote: Provide a brush, shovel, absorbent granules/sand and an impermeable container to deal with any spillages or leaking drums/packages. Unquote:

This is something we do not have any control of, so the client needs to make provisions themselves.

11. Quote: Practice good storage organisation by ensuring that waste cardboard packaging is removed, old stocks are used up, damaged or deteriorating containers are properly disposed of and an up-to-date stock record is kept (away from the store). Unquote:

Again, this is something we do not have any control of, so the client needs to make provisions themselves.

12. Quote: Keep an acurate stock record available as well as useful telephone numbers, including your local fire service and Environmental agency (SEPA in Scotland). Unquote:

This is something the client must adhere to and arrange accordingly.

As long as you keep the organisation of your chemical storage container in check, you shouldn’t have any problems.

If you have any questions, then please feel free to contact us on T: 01473 557407

Information sourced from the HSE – For more information:

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