Many seemingly innocuous household cleaners and gardening products are harmful, either poisonous or corrosive. Acid based drain cleaners have been withdrawn from consumer sale but have been replaced with alkali ones which are safer but still very unpleasant if they come into contact with unprotected skin. Pest control poisons and insecticides are potentially harmful if ingested. Products and chemicals like these might currently be kept in normal cupboards and store rooms in schools and colleges across the U.K.

Farmers have known for many years that these types products need to be kept safe, Government guidelines are in place for their storage. H.S.E Guidance on storing pesticides for farmers and other professional users.

A convenient solution

At Chemical Storage 4 Farmers we have developed a range of storage units utilising adapted shipping containers. They can be placed at any outdoor location and are made from 10ft and 20ft containers. You have the choice between a new or a refurbished container if you wish to reduce the cost.

The storage units are fitted with a high security padlock with three keys (additional keys and replacements are available). Around the padlock is a steel box surround which helps to prevent mechanical attack on the padlock.

The units are designed to be vandal proof and the floor is reinforced (bunded) with steel to prevent seepage through to the ground if a chemical is spilt inside. Welded lipped shelving is added to aid organisation of your chemicals along with extra ventilation for the fumes. They are normally supplied in dark green to blend in with an agricultural environment but can be painted in dark blue if preferred. Warning signs are attached.       

The interior is light grey so that stored products can be identified easily in daylight. Optional lighting can be added if required, including rechargeable options if the unit is away from a power supply.

All units are water-tight and are available in the following sizes

10ft Long x 8ft Wide x 8ft 6in High (exterior dimensions)  


20ft Long x 8ft Wide x 8ft 6in High (exterior dimensions) 

Does your school or college need one?

As a school or college you will have large numbers of children and young adults moving around the corridors. The potential is there for a mistake or prank involving chemicals to have serious consequences.

If you need to store any of the following product types then you should contact us for more details and get a quote for your school or college’s need.

Products that would benefit from a chemical storage unit

  • Fertilisers and pesticides used in grounds maintenance and weed control.
  • Fuel for on-site machinery (hedge trimmers, tractors, heaters etc)
  • Chemical cleaners for drains etc.
  • Supplies for science lessons (acids and alkalis)   
  • Oil based paints and aerosol paints (which have harmful fumes and are flammable). 

The units can be conveniently placed near to the school for janitorial products or a sports field for grounds-person supplies, the choice is entirely yours.

10ft Chemical storage container
Chemical store in use

Wish to know more about our solution to this problem?

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