Ever wondered what our bund sizes are in our shipping container conversion?

Bund cubic capacity for Chemical stores:

Length (ft)Length (m)Width (m)Bund Height (m)Cubic Litres
10’ (6in bund)2.842.330.15241008
20’ (6in bund)5.892.330.15242091
20’(12in bund)5.892.330.30484183

Please note that the bund size can be a trip hazard.

Our bunded containers come in to two ways

  1. Steel checkerplate tray laid over the original wooden flooring. If you have a spillage then this would be a ‘Mop up’ job. But this is a ‘step over’. We do fit yellow and black tape to show it is an hazard.
  2. Steel raised mesh floor, which is when we remove the wooden floor and fit a steel sub floor and a steel raised mesh floor (one section of mesh is removable). We also fit a drainage hole and drainage sump, so if there is a spillage it is a ‘hose out’ job. This type of floor is a ‘step onto’ and again we fit yellow and black tape to show it is an hazard.

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