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Bund sizes

Ever wondered what our bund sizes are in our shipping container conversion? Bund cubic capacity for Chemical stores: Length (ft) Length (m) Width (m) Bund Height (m) Cubic Litres 10’ (6’ bund) 2.84 2.33 0.1524 1008 20’ (6’ bund) 5.89 2.33 0.1524 2091 20’(12’ bund) 5.89 2.33 0.3048 4183 Please note that the bund size can […]

Facts about Storing & Using Chemicals

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Chemical Storage for Farmers – the simple guide Getting the facts on correctly and legally storing chemicals on your farm can be a confusing and frustrating exercise.  Some information sources offering conflicting advice and Government guidelines can lack the clarity we need to make important decisions about storing and using chemicals on farms. We have […]

Chemical stores for golf clubs

10ft Chemical storage container

Storing chemicals legally and safely at a golf club can be a real challenge for a groundskeeper. There are a myriad of obstacles to overcome; however, adequate chemical storage is required by law, and so it becomes another responsibility the already burdened groundskeeper must take on. Obstacles range from finding the right place to store […]

Suffolk Show 2015

Suffolk Show 2015

Billie Box will be at the Suffolk Show this year on 27th and 28th May 2015. Entry tickets are on sale now;  so why not get your tickets today.     Watch out for Billie Box’s flag flying above the stand number 47:   This year Billie Box will be showing 2 x 10ft Chemical storage container […]