We specialize in the manufacture of chemical storage containers.

The specification is as follows:

10ft Long x 8ft Wide x 8ft 6in High (exterior dimensions) – See our gallery page for photos

20ft Long x 8ft Wide x 8ft 6in High (exterior dimensions) – See our gallery page for photos

There are two types of floor for our chemical storage containers:

Steel bunded or Steel mesh floor with 1 removable section

The BASIS criteria (as per HSE)  is as follows


These are recommended for suppliers of pesticides to Agriculture, Horticulture and Forestry (The Yellow code).

  •       Chemicals must be sited suitably – depends on the type of chemical storage container.
  •       Chemical storage space must be of adequate capacity – this will be determined by our customers. – We fit steel bunded floors or raised steel mesh bunded floors which prevents leakage from spillage.
  •       Chemical storage containers must be soundly built of fire resistant materials – Our stores are constructed of corten steel (high tensile steel) and painted or repainted with marine paint.
  •       Chemical storage containers must be provided with suitable access and exits – this is dependent on the number of staff and the size of unit required.
  •       The chemical storage container, or the area in which the store is located, should be able to retain leakage or spillage to a volume of 110% of the total quantity of products likely to be stored (185% if you are in an ‘environmentally sensitive area’). Bunding is the most usual way of achieving this, we offer a 10ft container bund at 6in high and 20ft container bund at 12in high (the bunding capacity required will be stipulated in your EA guidance) If you require a specific height then please do let us know.
  •       Chemical storage containers must be dry internally and frost proof  – All our containers are watertight and structurally sound and are fitted with a suitable number of air vents.
  •       Chemical storage containers must be well lit and ventilated – We fit extra air vents and repaint the interior a very light grey. Portable and rechargeable LED lights are also available.
  •       Chemical storage containers must be marked with appropriate warning signs – We affix various warning signs to the container.
  •       Chemical storage containers must be secure against theft and vandalism – We fit a lock box and recommend a padlock that fits inside the lock box.
  •       Chemical storage containers are equipped, organised and staffed to a suitable standard – This is down to the farmer using the container.

Further information can be found HSE information sheet no. 16 – Guidance on storing pesticides for farmers and other professional users.

New 20ft Chemical storage container

New 20ft Chemical store

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