Plant protection products are known as Pesticides, Biocides, and Insecticides.

Storage of Plant protection products has a code of practice laid out by the HSE. The HSE take this matter very seriously. This code of practice is to protect the users of the stores, the land and water sources from contamination and unlawful access.

Land and Water Contamination

If a chemical spills out into the public waterways and land, this can be a serious risk to the public and wildlife alike. The environment agency pay particular attention to this type of contamination which can result in a large fine to the offender. Our chemical stores are fitted with steel bunded floors. The bund will ensure that if there is a spillage inside the storage area, it will not seep out.

Unlawful Access

The chemical stores or pesticide stores must be locked up safely to avoid any unlawful access. If access is gained by opportunists this could result in vandalism, spillages and eventually land or water contamination. Opportunists could possibly become injured, as they will not know what they are dealing with. We fit a lock box and supply a hardened steel padlock with 3 numbered keys. This will assist with the locking of this equipment.

Users of a plant protection products store

All users of these pesticide or chemical stores, must be fully trained to use the stores to avoid the above possible problems. We fit shelves that will assist in the tidy working environment inside the store.

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All of the above is the responsibility of the land owner/farmer. We know that the Red Tractor Assurance inspectors have been failing many farmers and manufacturers for keeping their chemicals safe and secure.  These chemical or pesticide stores do not meet the standard HSE criteria.

With this in mind, we at Chemical storage 4 farmers can assist you with an 10ft or 20ft steel shipping container that has been adapted to meet the HSE criteria. Here is our specification.

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